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These are some games i worked on. Enjoy!


Sanoma_Disney_Ron_Mayland.png DUCKWORLD (working title)

Company:Sanoma Media. Disney .
Client: Disney interactive meida group
Art Lead: Stefan david and Me
Tasks: Sr Lead Artist

Stone-Rage_game_By-Ron_Mayland.png STONE RAGE

Company: Mountain Wheel Studio
Client: Indie
Producer: Marco
Tasks:Lead Weapon Artist









PanzerPets_Banner_By_Muezli.png.jpg PANZER PETS V.1

Company: Gamundo Gaming.
Client: Indie
Art Lead: Stefan david.
Tasks: Team Lead.

Dark-Matter_Game_Banner_Muezli.png DARK MATTER

Company: InterWave studio.
Client: Vaulve.
Art Lead: Michael Knubben
Tasks: 3D Props


Wreckateer_Game_Banner_Ron_Mayland WRECKATEER “Xbox Kinect E3 Launch game”

Company: Streamline Studio.
Client: Iron Galaxy Studios
Art Lead: Jeroen Leurs.
Tasks: Props.










ClubGalactic_Banner_By_Ron_Mayland.png Club Galactik.

Company: Virtual fairground
Client: Disney xXD
Art Lead: Roman van der haven
Tasks: Techical / 3D Artist.


Hero-World_Banner_By_Muezli Hero World featuring “Guitar Hero”

Company: Big wheel studio
Client: Activision
Art Lead: Stefan Davids.
Tasks: Character creation, Animation


Eccy_Banner_By_Ron_Mayland.png Eccky

Company: Gamundo
Client: Hyves
Art Lead: Stefan Davids.
Tasks: Character creation, Animation

H-World_Banner_By_Ron_Mayland.png Yousic (Working title)

Company: Virtual fairground.
Client: Randy jackson, Yes him
Art Lead: Stefan Davids.
Tasks: Character creation, Animation


Perfect_World_Banner_By_Ron_Mayland.png Perfect Earth

Company : Virtual fairground.
Client: Iron Galaxy Studios
Art Lead: Jimmy de Meza
Tasks: Character Animation


Deloitte_Banner_By_Ron_Mayland.png Deloitte v1 and v2

Company : Virtual fairground.
Client: Deloitte
Art Lead: Roman van der haven.
Tasks:Character creation, Animation and Level creation.


WRC_Banner_By_Ron_Mayland.png World rally Championship Manager

Company : Virtual fairground.
Client: WRC
Art Lead: Duncan Sant
Tasks: 3D Art


Daranam_Banner_By_Ron_Mayland.png Daranam

Company : First game ever, Won over 9 prizes
Client: Center parks
Art Lead: –
Character creation, Animation